Shabby Chic picture frame
Shabby Chic picture frame

Are you a lover of all things vintage, and do you want old things to look deliberately shabby rather than just old? This guide shows you how to turn an old wooden picture frame into a trendy shabby chic piece in just a few steps.

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Guide to making a shabby chic picture frame

1Getting the materials and sanding

Collect all the materials together from the materials list. If you do not have an old picture frame at home, you can easily find one at a flea market or charity shop. Before you apply new paint to the wooden frame, the frame must first be lightly sanded. This removes any old layers of paint and helps the new paint to stick better. Then wipe off any sanding dust thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.

Step 1: Getting the materials and sanding

2Preparing for the paint application

Mask off your working area well. For additional protection, you can create a "spray booth" out of cardboard and secure it to the table. This will allow you to spray the picture frame from all sides. Carefully stir the chalk paint, add it to the paint sprayer and then dilute if necessary by (5 - 10 %) to achieve the correct consistency . Give it another good stir. Set the material delivery volume on the paint sprayer to the minimum.
Decorating tip: You can spray the picture frame in two different colours. Firstly in white, for example, then allow it to dry. Then spray over it in a different colour. This creates the effect later on that the frame was originally white and has been repainted.

Step 2: Preparing for the paint application

3Paint application

Now spray the wooden picture frame in thin layers - ideally going over the same area two or three times - to avoid drips. When sprayed, the paint easily penetrates all of the grooves and detail in the frame. Then let the chalk paint dry thoroughly.
Tip: To avoid "chalky" fingers when you have finished, it is a good idea to seal the paint by spraying the picture frame with a transparent varnish.

Step 3: Paint application

4The used look

Now use a coarse sanding block to work on the parts of the frame where you want the original colour to show through.  This is done very quickly at the edges, but the flat surfaces will need a little more effort. Sand as many areas as you like to create those "signs of wear".

Step 4: The used look

The result: a Shabby Chic picture frame

The result: a Shabby Chic picture frame
The result: a Shabby Chic picture frame
The result: a Shabby Chic picture frame
The result: a Shabby Chic picture frame

List of materials

11 x wooden picture frame
21 x paint sprayer from WAGNER
3Chalk paints in the required colour
4Masking material
5Fine sanding block
6Coarse sanding block 
7Microfibre cloth for wiping away dust 

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