Spraying decorative plaster
Spraying decorative plaster

We show you how to achieve a high-quality surface with popular decorative plaster

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Instructions for spraying decorative plaster

Maybe a new wall colour isn't enough change for you to make your home even more beautiful? We show you how to very easily achieve a high-quality surface with popular decorative plaster on the walls.



1Preparing the material

Mask floors and window frames and switch off plug sockets. If you wish, paint can be added to the decorative plaster (left image). Then thoroughly stir the material to be sprayed (right image) and pour it into the paint container. Click on the spray attachment and the unit is ready for spraying.

2Preparing the sprayer

The unit is capable of spraying both low-viscosity primers and decorative plasters with a grain size of up to 1 mm. Adjust the spraying unit to the consistency of the material: use the dial at the top to set the volume of air and the dial on the spraying attachment to adjust the volume of material. Align the nozzle with the working direction and carry out a test spray.

3Spraying decorative plaster

Spray the surfaces in even rows and at the same distance from the wall. Spray the corners at the same time to create an even and uniform finish. There is no need for an undercoat!

The result: a high-quality surface with popular decorative plaster

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