• No dipping, no wiping off excess paint, no mess.

    The paint is stored in the tank and can be easily delivered to the roller by pressing the trigger or at the touch of a button. So you can decide the speed you want to work at without constantly having to stop and load paint onto the roller from a tray.

  • It couldn't be simpler

    Just draw the paint into the tank, fill the roller and you're ready to start! Our rollers allow you to very easily set your own working pace.

If you really want to use a roller, look no further than WAGNER paint rollers. It allows you to apply the paint more quickly, cleanly and easily in comparison with conventional rollers.

WAGNER paint rollers are supplied with paint internally and have an integral paint tank - so

  • you no longer have to keep filling from the paint tray,
  • wipe off excess paint, clear up drips
  • or interrupt your work

These are huge advantages, in particular when painting ceilings, as it avoids the need to continuously climb up and down ladders.

Allowing you to apply paint far more comfortably and cleanly in comparison to using a conventional roller.

See our paint rollers here!

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