Coating, bonding & sealing for Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving & Transportation

Coating on equipment parts for the “ACE & T” market (Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving & Transportation) has to fulfill highest quality and safety requirements. WAGNER’s coating, bonding and sealing solutions guarantee optimum results, both in protection and visually.

The “ACE & T” market ranges from trucks and buses to forklift trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, mobile homes and more. Each of these products needs a special finish as the conditions of use can be extreme (e.g. for equipment used in mines) or the surface requirements are similar to the automotive sector (e.g. for trucks, buses, tractors).

Powder coating

We supply a wide range of custom-built solutions for powder coating applications. They stand out through their versatility, rapid color change, ease of cleaning and environmentally friendly powder recovery.

Application areas:

• Suspension coil springs
• Stabilizer bars
• Seat components
• Headrest rods

Liquid coating

WAGNER provides components and solutions for solvent-based and waterborne materials for manual and automatic application processes. Main factors are reliable surface and corrosion protection.

Application areas:

• Exterior plastic coating
• Head lights
• Airbags
• Dashboard panels
• Exhaust systems

Bonding & sealing

Our bonding and sealing solutions enable new material combinations, increased quality, possible downsizing and weight reduction within a simplified production process.

Application areas:

• Mirror housings
• Gas/petrol cover
• Windscreen & glazing
• Front & rear bumper

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