Fence & Decking Sprayer

Perfect for fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture

Compared to applying fence treatment with a brush or pump sprayer, the WAGNER Fence Sprayer is the quickest, easiest way to coat fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture.

With the Fence Sprayer you can spray a fence panel in under 2 minutes. The large 1400ml pot means you can keep spraying for longer and the turbine has a shoulder strap for easy movability.

Achieve a superior quality coverage for better surface protection, to bring life back to your garden.

£ 89,99 *

*recommended retail price
Project sizesmall - medium
Performance5 m² in 9 min.
Paint volumefully adjustable, 0-120 ml/min
Atomisation power110 W
Power consumption460 W
Max. viscosity170 DIN-sec
Reservoir capacity1400 ml
Hose length1.8 m
Quality seal
Manual Fence & Decking Sprayer

Manual Fence & Decking Sprayer