Atlas Eletrodomésticos: Enamel powder coating booth doubles production capacity

Aesthetically-pleasing surfaces of electric ovens

Domestic appliance parts must fulfil the highest requirements in terms of quality, visual and protective aspects – especially when it comes to heat-resistant enamel coating. Since December 2015, an enamel coating unit from WAGNER accounts for high-quality and high protective coating results at Atlas Eletrodomésticos in Pato Branco (Brazil).

At a glance

  • Tailor-made powder coating booth for high-quality & uniform coating of ovens with heat-resistant enamel powder coating
  • Application of PEA-C4 automatic guns for electrostatic powder coating
  • Increase of production capacity for enamel coatings by 63% and reduction of powder consumption by 50%
  • The solution nearly eliminated the necessity of reworks, thereby reducing the need for manpower for the production process by 42%.

Customer challenge

At Atlas, the previous manual enameling coating process for plain inner stove parts had resulted in workpieces with uneven surfaces that led to declining sales. Lots of rework like surface cleaning and waste led to high operating costs and further restricted the already limited production capacity of the then used booth. The situation had made it impossible for Atlas to launch new products on the market.

Our solution

At the competence center for enamel coating (WAGNER S.p.A.) in Valmadrera (Italy), WAGNER together with the client adapted the process parameters and system configurations of the projected booth – realizing a customized solution. For superior powder application rates and high-quality coating results, the WAGNER enamel powder booth at Atlas runs with 38 units of PEA-CS automatic guns. The gun technology for Corona enamel coating supports a significantly more homogeneous powder distribution and works with optimized electrostatic for efficient powder charging. It assures even thickness of the layers, optimum application efficiency and less powder waste – for higher profitability.

Atlas Eletrodomésticos

Atlas Eletrodomésticos is a Brazilian manufacturer of gas stoves, electric ovens and cooktops for households. The company, founded in the 1950s, is located at Pato Branco (Parana). It has approximately 1.800 employees and produces around two million stoves for the home and foreign markets in Latin America and Africa each year.
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Renato Antônio Reis


The solution did not only increase the quality and optics of our products but also the perceived quality standard of Atlas products in the market.

Renato Antônio Reis

General Maintenance Manager at Atlas Eletrodomésticos

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Domestic Appliances

Domestic Appliances

Domestic appliance parts must fulfil the highest requirements in terms of quality and safety. WAGNER offers ideal coating, bonding and sealing solutions, guaranteeing optimum results, not only in terms of the visual aspect, but also concerning protective aspects.

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