Automated adhesive dosing reduces unit costs

The success of a new fuel filter made it necessary for a well-known filter manufacturer in Germany to switch to automatic encapsulation. Reinhardt-Technik GmbH, a member of the WAGNER Group, had the solution with a complete automation cell including robot and modular 2K dosing technology.

At a glance

  • The customer asked for a technical encapsulation application that would enable maximum process reliability with short cycle times and which can be continuously adapted to increasing quantities.
  • The automation concept with the Vecdos eTwin 2K dosing system by Reinhardt-Technik reduces unit costs and increases the quality level of production.
  • Reinhardt-Technik and Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH delivered the complete turnkey automation cell inclduing robot and dosing.

Customer challenge

A decisive factor for the stability and longevity of filters is the bonding between the filter surface and the receptacles. The dosage and filling of the special adhesive significantly determines the quality of the product. A newly developed fuel filter for the automotive industry was a complete success and enjoyed steadily increasing quantities. In order to ensure the readiness for delivery and the quality level even at high output, the filter encapsulation, which had previously been carried out manually, had to be automated. The filter manufacturer's technicians looked for a partner for a technical encapsulation application that would enable maximum process reliability with short cycle times. In addition, an expandable system was required which could be continuously adapted to the increasing quantities.

Our solution

In cooperation with Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH, Reinhardt-Technik GmbH presented an automation concept with the Vecdos eTwin 2K dosing system. The Vecdos series from Reinhardt-Technik belongs to the servo-driven high-performance dosing systems. These have been specially developed for demanding applications in shot operation. The volumetric dosing units are modular and can be flexibly combined to process different mixing ratios according to customer requirements. The precise dosing enables minimum consumption of the potting compound.

German filter manufacturer

The filter solutions of a globally present manufacturer from Germany meet the highest quality requirements in all industries and branches. In addition to oil, air, fuel and hydraulic filters for mobile and stationary applications, the product range also includes special product areas. These include ventilation and airconditioning technology, water filtration, protective ventilation systems for e.g. landfill vehicles, soot particle filters for industrial trucks and many other areas of application.

Production manager of the filter manufacturer


We had high expectations of Reinhardt-Technik, which were even exceeded. Thanks to automation, we manufacture the new fuel filter in large quantities with maximum process reliability.

Production manager of the filter manufacturer

More information

Vecdos eTwin

Vecdos eTwin

The Vecdos series of servo driven high-performance metering units is the ideal solution for any intermittent metering application. The volumetric shot metering units are modular and flexible in combinations for different mixing ratios.

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Your contact person

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