STILL - Powder coating on a pedestal

A new powder coating system for the coating of forklift trucks

Installing a powder coating system on a steel podium is one thing. As the supplier, actively co-designing the podium and doubling the production area in the process, however, is another dimension entirely! At STILL in Hamburg, this is how a powder coating system of a very special kind came to be.

At a glance

  • Doubling of the production area by installation of a new powder coating system on a 4 meter high steel podium
  • Coating of diverse part geometries with high automation degree
  • Necessity to install the system while production was ongoing

Customer challenge

The over 30 year-old powder coating system was no longer able to cope with the high demands for product manufacturing and the planned production figures. The specifications included the coating of all kinds of part geometries in anthracite and silver, a very high degree of automation with reserve capacity and reproducible, high-quality coating results. For the entire new system, it was planned to build a steel construction platform of around 4 metres in height in the production hall, which needed to accommodate all of the components. The space freed up below the podium was in future going to be used for welding and assembly work.

Our solution

The challenge of positioning the filters and associated powder containers was overcome by anchoring the filters using special attachments to pre-defined support points on the steel podium. For the extendable powder carts with injectors for recycling, steel trays were used where they can be moved for cleaning and maintenance. For the coating with the two colours anthracite and silver, an ICF plastic cabin with recovery was chosen, supplemented with powder feeding from Big Bags. 44 Corona automatic guns adapt using light grilles and 3D laser scanners to the components' various height, depth and contour geometries.

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Frank Drevsen (projectmanager at STILL)


For almost 100 years, STILL with its head office in Hamburg has been managing the interaction of forklift trucks and warehouse technology, software and services. Its around 8,000 employees ensure that customers' requirements are met with high-quality products from STILL, and that they are able to efficiently and effectively control their warehouse and material flow management.

Frank Drevsen


Right from the start of the project, WAGNER listened to our ideas and wishes. Without their active involvement in the planning phase and the excellent communication between suppliers, we would not have been able to create such a sophisticated, technically high-quality and future-proof solution.

Frank Drevsen

Project Manager at STILL

Applied products

Corona automatic guns

Corona automatic guns

Corona automatic guns for automatic powder coatin


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Coating on equipment parts for the “ACE & T” market (Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving & Transportation) has to fulfill highest quality and safety requirements. WAGNER’s coating, bonding and sealing solutions guarantee optimum results, both in protection and visually.

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