Trendtalk with Eva Brenner: How do we prefer to live?

How do Europeans prefer to live? And how will we live in the future? This exciting topic was discussed at the WAGNER Trendtalk in Hamburg and Munich together with editors of various trade journals and influencers from the DIY sector. During the event we were supported by our brand ambassador Eva Brenner and the paint manufacturer SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Farbe. In addition to the exciting discussions, the participants were able to test our spray units and paints from SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Farbe – while also reviewing the development of our living culture over the last 60 years with the help of virtual reality classes. Living means change: Thanks to new technology, the participants got to experience this live and in colour.

Survey results

The event was preceded by a survey of 2,000 participants across Europe. Our goal here was to find out how you prefer to live and design your home. And some amazing facts came to light: The number of single-occupant households in Germany is growing steadily, while at the same time ever more living space is available to each individual – currently 61 square metres per capita.

We are do-it-yourselfers
Our reputation as a DIY nation was confirmed. When we want to change our living space, we usually start by rearranging the furniture. But a close second, even before redecorating, comes changing the colours inside our home – preferably as a DIY project.

Dark shades including black are the current trend – these are typically added to one wall in the room and then combined with white. For experts like TV star and interior designer Eva Brenner, dark wall paints are all the rage, while the use of colourful accents is being somewhat curtailed. At the same time, almost half the population (48 per cent) also appreciates the classic simplicity of white.

Most popular wall covering
The most popular wallpaper is still by far the woodchip variety, followed by smooth plaster and smooth non-woven wallpapers.

Most popular floor covering
Tiles are not only our favourite floor covering in the kitchen and bathroom, but also in 34 % of our hallways. In other living areas, however, we prefer laminate and parquet floors.