Roller painting with Airless technology - another new possibility from WAGNER

  • The way to benefit from innovative pump technology even without guns: With the WAGNER IR 100, the coating material is delivered directly to the paint roller so you no longer have to dip the roller in the paint tray.
  • No tins to carry: Automatic delivery via an Airless system directly from the original container
  • Always in the most comfortable position: Swivel joint between handle and extension
  • Easy to suspend on scaffolding: Practical shaped clip
  • Large working radius: Flexible hose wand (including scaffold clip) - High-pressure hoses of up to 100 m in length can be connected depending on the material and feed pump.
  • High-quality: Padded, woven plush paint roller, also suitable for exterior façade work
  • Lightweight: Hollow aluminium construction