Solutions for agriculture

The growing world population leads to an increased need for agricultural machines. WAGNER seeks to simplify the operators’ work by developing efficient finishing equipment. The environmental impact is of paramount importance – we help to reduce VOCs and the excess use of paints and solvents.

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WAGNER offers different products for the coating of exterior and interior components of vehicle cabins. The frame is usually powder coated, whereas liquid coating can be applied to interior plastic components, like the dashboard or wheel - parts with high demands for durability.


Large surfaces

Both powder and liquid application solutions are important for large surfaces, e.g. made of plastic, on large agricultural vehicles like harvesters.


Windscreens & headlights

We offer solutions for adhesive and bonding applications both for windscreens and headlights.



Wheel surfaces for agricultural vehicles – which are made of steel – can be coated with powder or liquid 2K material. These surfaces must withstand various challenges, such as corrosion and differing temperatures.