Springer - Manual coating of municipal equipment

Perfect craftmanship assisted by state-of-the-art coating equipment

"Leadership through Quality" is the motto of Springer Kommunal-technik, Austria's largest manufacturer of road gritters and other municipal equipment. From snow plows to road sweepers – the Austrian specialists leave nothing to chance when it comes to painting their heavy-duty products. Here, perfect craftsmanship – assisted by state-of-the-art coating equipment – is the order of the day.

At a glance

  • WAGNER IceBreaker pumps are extremely reliable and durable
  • Maximum process reliability and exact compliance with the set mixing ratios with WAGNER mixing and dosing units
  • WAGNER pumps and dosing units are flexibly applicable for almost all materials up to 4K systems
  • Perfect coating results, even for workpieces with complicated geometries

Customer challenge

The quality of the coating has a direct influence on lifetime, especially in the case of equipment which is used in harsh winter conditions. Since all painting is done manually due to the company‘s diverse product range and small batch sizes, the result depends crucially on the skill of the personnel and the quality of the coating equipment. All components are sourced from the same manufacturer. When Springer needed to renew their equipment, they opted again for WAGNER.

Our solution

The reliable and durable IceBreaker pumps are ideally suitable for the coating of heavy-duty products. The precise measurement and control technology of the FlexControl plus guarantees maximum process reliability and exact compliance with the set mixing ratios. Changing the used material (currently solvent-based paints) wouldn‘t be a problem for the system technology. The easy operation, ergonomic design and excellent atomization of the manual gun GM 4700AC generates perfect coating results, even for workpieces with complicated geometries.

Robert Lassnig (foreman at Springer)


Springer Kommunaltechnik specializes in municipal and winter maintenance equipment including snow plows, gritters, snow blowers, road sweepers, watering systems and more. Their products are notable for high quality across the board.

Robert Lassnig


We are completely satisfied with our WAGNER equipment and delighted with the results it gives us. Sourcing all our equipment from one manufacturer also means we have a single point of contact, which is a big advantage in day-today practice. Our experience of WAGNER’s customer service so far has also been entirely positive in terms of expertise, support and spare parts.

Robert Lassnig

Foreman at Springer

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Coating on equipment parts for the “ACE & T” market (Agriculture, Construction, Earthmoving & Transportation) has to fulfill highest quality and safety requirements. WAGNER’s coating, bonding and sealing solutions guarantee optimum results, both in protection and visually.

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Your contact person

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