Solutions for large appliances

Large appliances require perfect surfaces. Manufacturers face strong demands in terms of aesthetically-pleasing designs and long service lives for their products. The excellent coating and bonding solutions offered by WAGNER guarantee optimum results in these areas.

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Grids & burners

Grids can be coated with powder and liquid enamel, and burners with liquid enamel.



Possible coating areas include internal parts of cavities (which are coated with powder enamel) and external parts of ovens (which are coated with organic paint). Some of our other relevant processes include bonding glass ceramic hobs and glazing on glass doors.



In general, flat panels are coated with organic powder paint, and adhesives are used for accessories and injected foam. Our strengths include: bonding and sealing the casings, applying insulation foam, adding decorative panels and bonding handle attachments.



Heat-proof and mechanical elements are coated with enamel, decorative elements (which come in a variety of colors) are mostly coated with organic powder, and certain accessories are coated with liquid paint. Adhesives and sealing processes are used to bond the components to the metal frame.


Washing machines & dryers

External panels (coated with organic powder paint), top covers (with liquid coating). Bonding applications include tops & door panels, bonding of condensers and the attachment of counterweights & insulating elements.