Solutions for windows & doors

Doors and windows, both for interior and exterior fittings, must fulfill many requirements: An attractive appearance, high weather resistance and reliable protection against other external influences such as exhaust fumes, dirt, acid rain or UV radiation.


Liquid coating of windows and doors

Whether you are using water or solvent-based material, we provide you with the best individual solution. Our electrostatic equipment will help you to save paint and increase your productivity.


Silicon application

Silicon plays an important role for the processing of windows. We have a large selection of pumps for manual and automatic application processes.


Wood bonding

Each type of glue for the processing of windows and doors requires a specific equipment and application technology.


Stain application of windows and doors

Stain needs to be applied in a homogeneous way to avoid streaks and mottle. Choose our reliable HVLP technology for this particularly demanding task.