Kempa - Coating kitchen doors in half the time

"Custom-made at standard prices"

MDF powder coating system from WAGNER brings greater efficiency and higher quality

At a glance

  • MDF powder coating is more cost-effective, durable and less sensitive than liquid coating
  • WAGNER PXM powder center offers optimal powder supply, both from original containers and fluid tanks
  • Powder coating doesn‘t need drying time and is twice as fast as liquid coating
  • Higher quality and efficiency with considerably less effort and lower production costs

Customer challenge

Firstly, Kempa‘s customers increasingly asked for powder-coated MDF boards, because they are usually cheaper and more durable. The powder coating of MDF is also more wide-spread in Belgium than in Germany. Secondly, Kempa wanted to make production more efficient and save working time, to guarantee affordable products. Under no circumstances, their high quality should be compromised in the process.

Our solution

WAGNER developed a new procedure for coating MDF boards: The technical centerpiece is units that are capable of achieving flawless electrostatic powder coating thanks to an innovative new charge distribution. Using the new system from WAGNER, two Kempa employees create several kitchens each day. With power coating being more than twice as fast as liquid coating, the workpieces can be immediately further processed without any drying time. Kempa now achieves higher quality and efficiency with considerably less effort and lower production costs.

Filip Laureyssen (Marketing Manager at Kempa)


„Custom-made at standard prices“ is the motto of Kempa. The company manufactures individual kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen furniture. They don‘t have mass production or any warehouse - each order is tailor-made for the customers who mostly come from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Filip Laureyssen


We are very satisfied with the service provided by WAGNER. We would buy the system again without reservation. We have achieved our objectives: higher quality with considerably less effort. At the same time we can produce more, and our staff's capacity is freed up, so they can be more efficient.

Filip Laureyssen

Marketing Manager at Kempa

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Wood & MDF

Wood & MDF

Coating workpieces made of wood makes special demands on coaters. WAGNER supports you in finding the ideal solution for your application - not only for the coating, but also sealing & bonding of wood surfaces.

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Your contact person

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Market & Product Manager

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