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Greater transparency for higher productivity

COATIFY is a web-based Internet of Things platform which allows the intelligent visualization of coating systems.

You can thus increase transparency and process reliability in your industrial coating, while also improving system availability and productivity. With COATIFY you as the operator are in close contact with your coating systems and always well informed about the current plant status.

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Increase your productivity by up to 5%

Tight process control, short reaction times and proactive service measures can increase your system availability and productivity. Your quality is improved and unit costs are reduced.

Perfect process overview

See the performance data of all coating systems in your company at a glance - on a clear user interface with descriptive diagrams and graphs.

Access from anywhere and anytime

You can view visualized key figures on your smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Reliable notification function

In the case of system messages, such as pending maintenance or deviations from adjustable limit values, you receive an optional e-mail notification in addition to information via the platform.

COATIFY briefly explained

Your advantages with COATIFY at a glance

Due to the ever-increasing competitive environment, you as production manager have the challenge of continuously optimizing production costs. COATIFY offers everyone involved in the production process the opportunity for extremely reliable productivity monitoring by constantly providing important production data.

As quality manager, you have a great interest in ensuring that the quality of coated workpieces is always at a high level in order to avoid rework and to meet the increasing demands of your customers. With COATIFY you can view important key figures regarding production quality at a glance and take any necessary measures. This way, optimum results can be achieved.

With COATIFY, you as a process manager can call up targeted reports from anywhere on the development of key performance indicators in the coating process, such as coating time or number of coated parts. You can also contrast these key figures with comparative values and gain valuable insights to optimize your processes and ultimately meet your business objectives.

With the notification function, COATIFY provides you with timely information and warnings if wear parts need to be replaced during the coating process or if important maintenance is due. You can plan service measures much better and if necessary the WAGNER service team can even perform remote maintenance. High quality and system availability are ensured and productivity is increased.

Your entry into the COATIFY platform


The start page provides the operator with an overview of all his lines, quick feedback on the production status and the most important productivity key figures.

COATIFY.Performance Dashboard

Detailed, clearly structured and attractively presented reports for each integrated system. Current characteristic values such as coating time, system status, number of coated parts or conveyor section can be displayed and contrasted with characteristic values from comparative periods.

An evaluation is possible in freely definable time periods, for example per work shift. System messages and warnings also appear on the dashboard to inform you about necessary system adjustments. This allows you to react in time and ensure your system availability.

The functions at a glance

Directly on the platform, you receive current information about the operating and maintenance status of the individual components of your system, including a logbook. Optionally, you can also be notified by e-mail.

In this way you can plan service measures in good time, increase your system availability and save costs. If necessary, a ticket can be sent immediately to the WAGNER service team. Remote maintenance of your system can be carried out on demand.

The performance monitoring of your system, including data on machine status, number of coated parts per minute, coating times and much more, is presented in the form of clear diagrams. These data reports can be exported as separate files.

Customize your own production data analysis over freely selectable periods of time (for example minutes, work shifts or years). The recording of production orders, recipes and coating material is optional.

Updates with information on the current production and quality status. System messages or warnings are issued to indicate necessary system adjustments.

In conjunction with the WAGNER Layer Check LC 1000, the layer thickness can also be measured without contact and readjusted if necessary. With the "Application Data" function you can see which coating parameters are currently set on the gun controls. Parameter changes from the past can also be traced.

In this functional area, you can access all important digital documents relating to your system and the individual components, such as operating instructions, spare parts lists, system plans or project information, at any time. This facilitates your daily work and increases transparency for everyone involved in the production process.

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