WAGNER Group management

The governing bodies of the WAGNER Group consist of an administrative board governed by Swiss law and the management board.

Management board

WAGNER International AG based in Altstätten in Switzerland is the holding company for all operating units of in the WAGNER Group. The CEO of the WAGNER Group is Dr. Bruno Niemeyer.


The founder of the company, Josef Wagner, was a progressive person. Innovativeness is in our company's DNA.

Guido Bergman: Member of the WAGNER GROUP Management Board, CEO Division Decorative Finishing


We have to share ideas across hierarchies, across regions and be open for great ideas.

Dr. Bruno Niemeyer: Chairman of the WAGNER GROUP Management Board (CEO)


Our core task for the future is to transform our digital capabilities into tangible customer benefits at every stage of the customer journey.

Michael Müller: Member of the WAGNER GROUP Management Board, CEO Division Industrial Solutions

Administrative board

In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, the administrative board of WAGNER International AG (WAGNER Group) is composed as follows (from left to right.): Fabian Duss, Thomas-Bernd Quaas, Zygmunt Mierdorf, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Haller, Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Veit

Socially engaged: the Josef Wagner Foundations

The owners of the WAGNER group of companies comprises two foundations that were set up by Josef Wagner in order to secure his life's work. Childless, he bequeathed all of his shares in the company and all of his assets to the two foundations. The Josef Wagner Foundations are each led by an independent five-person governing board. The foundations' endowments finance the non-profit and charitable purposes set out by Josef Wagner as the aims of the foundations. They are to be carried out in regions where a business within the WAGNER group of companies has a permanent establishment.

Josef Wagner wanted to help disadvantaged and distressed people in our society with his foundations. In addition, children are to be supported and the elderly or infirm given a home. He wanted to offer scholarships to make study possible for young, talented people. According to his will, the foundations pursue "exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable" purposes through:

  • Support of needy individuals and families
  • Supporting the upkeep of nursery schools, hostels, old people's homes and care homes
  • Support of gifted students and trainees (for example, by the award of scholarships), in particular in the technical and scientific field
  • Donations to non-profit entities that pursue similar aims to the foundations.

Company founder and entrepreneur Josef Wagner

A particular concern of the company's founder Josef Wagner was the industrial upscaling of new ideas and making them useful for the general population. A striking example of this is the development of the "Whisker" airless WAGNER spray-gun for serial production, which can be connected to a domestic mains outlet and therefore can be used by everyone. The Whisker marks the start of the Josef Wagner surface coating company, founded in 1947.

Himself a gifted engineer and creative mind, Josef Wagner often stayed up all night, sketching out new product ideas or better solutions, taking them in the morning to his engineers to be implemented in the test workshop, and the results tested that evening. The characteristic creative spirit of our company results from this striving for innovation and is deeply ingrained in the WAGNER DNA. In keeping with the spirit of our company founder unconventional ideas continue to be implemented, innovation promoted and milestones in surface technology set.