Manual powder coating

Highly efficient coating - with the SPRINT product family for easy and reliable applications in manual coating work.
Consisting of the PEM-X1 manual gun, EPG SPRINT XE control unit, equipment trolley and various container versions, the product family has special advantages:

  • Quick overview of all coating parameters
  • Double-click function for quick recipe changes
  • Intuitive setting options (e.g. output calibration for more precise volume adjustment)
  • Efficient color change
  • High performance even with demanding powder coatings, e.g. effect or acrylic powder

Advantages of manual powder coating

Control unit EPG SPRINT XE

The WAGNER Air Flow Control (AFC) technology ensures exact powder control. A high-precision, closed control loop permanently measures and regulates the air volume during the coating process and thus produces a uniform powder cloud for high-quality coating results.

Clearly arranged control elements allow intuitive handling. All parameters are entered via a central rotary knob. The intelligent control system can be adapted to a wide range of requirements by means of a multitude of setting options.

The EPG SPRINT XE enables results to be repeated at any time. Four recipes can be accessed directly via quick selection. When using the rotary knob, a further 46 recipes can be selected. All coating parameters can be viewed in an instant.

Manual gun PEM-X1

With only 490 g, the PEM-X1 is a lightweight powder gun, while also being very robust at the same time. In combination with its ergonomic design it enables fatigue-free working.

The integrated remote control allows a quick adjustment of the powder quantity. A double click on the trigger enables a quick change to a special recipe. Even factory-set recipes can be assigned individual parameters.

The integrated high-power cascade keeps the high voltage stable even at 100 kV, thus enabling high coating performance. With the cascade characteristic curve adjustment, even powder coatings that are difficult to charge can be coated efficiently. The integrated cascade cooling ensures a long service life and durable performance. The replaceable protective wedge in the electrode holder reduces the cost of wearing parts.

SPRINT family of manual systems

The clear arrangement of operating elements and the fast recipe adjustment in the EPG SPRINT XE control unit allow easy handling for the daily work.

The integrated flushing function at the touch of a button, the lance locking device and various plugs and sockets allow efficient box and color changes.

The powder is conveyed directly from the original container, a special 3 liter fluid container or from 25 liter or 60 liter stainless steel fluid containers.

The manoeuvrable and at the same time stable equipment trolley with electric vibrating table simplifies manual coating and ensures safe working even in a tough or narrow working environment.

Cup gun case set PEM-X1 CG

This handy set is suitable for single parts and small quantities as well as for laboratory and development purposes.

The cup gun impresses with its simple cup change concept for super-fast color changes. Together with the advantages of the EPG SPRINT XE control unit (including high-performance cascade, recipe management, double-click, AFC air control valve
technology), high-quality results are achieved.

The case set can be easily assembled and operated. The case serves as a stand system. Alternatively, the control unit can be mounted on an optional wall console.

Manual system SPRINT X 3L

With the SPRINT X 3L conversion kit, the manual SPRINT 60L can be converted for the use of a fluidized 3 liter container with vibrating table. This allows small batches to be coated with high quality.

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Product brochure

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