WAGNER Group Control Pro 350 M360 view of Airless Sprayer Control Pro 350 M

Airless Sprayer Control Pro 350 M

Professional airless paint spraying with up to 55% less overspray and maximum control

  • For water- and solvent-based materials such as emulsion and latex paints, enamels, vinyl, matt, silk, gloss, varnishes, acrylic paints, wood preservatives, stains, primers, undercoats, plant protection products, underseal, cavity sealants, disinfectants, oils and more. (Not for flammable materials)
  • For medium to very large projects and frequent use
  • High-efficiency airless technology with reduced spraying pressure for maximum control, longer service life and up to 55% less overspray
  • Lightweight airless spray gun with two-finger trigger for more precision and to work for longer without fatigue
  • Innovative nozzle technology -softer spray improves control for a more consistent finish
  • Cart with telescope handle for easy transport and space-saving storage
  • Direct intake from the paint container - no need to decant or refill
  • 15 m flexible paint hose for a large working range

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