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Power-Plastering – the new WAGNER PlastCoat HP 30

The new, valve-free high-pressure spiral pump PlastCoat HP 30 from WAGNER convinces with its easy handling, excellent reliability and maximum performance. This is possible thanks to the combination of robust rotor-stator pump technology and comfortable airless technology. The powerful spiral pump for even high-viscosity fillers sets new standards in terms of pumping performance and operating convenience. It is the first of its kind from WAGNER to also be able to process dispersion paint with innovative HEA technology.

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Uniting the best: robust rotor-stator pump technology combined with the convenience and control of airless technology.

The best of two technologies

Based on many decades of experience in airless and rotor-stator pump technology, WAGNER is bringing together the particular advantages of both technologies in a single device: the PlastCoat HP 30. The robust spiral pump technology allows high-viscosity filling materials to be processed with economical material transport. It is especially low-wear and low-maintenance, and is considerably quieter in operation than conventional piston pumps. The high operating pressure of 120 bar means that the compressor usually required for spiral pumps can be dispensed with. The material can be processed conveniently in the familiar manner with airless guns and nozzles.

Particularly easy operation

The PlastCoat HP 30 features reliable and proven technology. It is also robust and easy to use. The user-friendly operating concept, as well as the colour-coordinated pressure gauge for regulating the pressure enable problem-free operation. The risk of mistakes is low even for less experienced users. The ergonomic AG 19 airless gun and high-pressure hose, including hose whip, allow easy hose handling, exceptional user convenience and especially low-fatigue operation. The airless technology offers high working speeds and exceptionally high-quality surface results.

Intelligent switchover from filler to dispersion

Alongside high-viscosity materials, a simple switchover to the dispersion set with HEA technology means that dispersion paints can also be applied with the best surface quality. The HEA ProTip nozzles allow paint application with up to 55% less overspray compared to conventional airless nozzles.

A variety of applications

The PlastCoat HP 30 allows material of virtually any viscosity and quality to be sprayed onto all sizes of object (50 m2 - 50,000 m2) with an outstandingly high level of performance: from water-based primers and normal paint applications to fabric adhesives and high-viscosity filler materials. With its average pumping volume of over 10 kg per minute (based on airless dispersion spray filler), it is exceptionally powerful. Once the application is finished, the PlastCoat HP 30 also offers a special mode for optimising the cleaning process.

Fast and flexible on site

Thanks to the straightforward installation of the stator on the PlastCoat HP 30, the pump can be dismantled quickly and easily, for example for thorough cleaning or on-site maintenance. The material-carrying parts are also made from especially cleaning-friendly materials. The innovative electronic control unit also allows fast, consistent working and works reliably even with weaker power supplies on the construction site. Another plus point: with its compact dimensions and large pneumatic tyres, the PlastCoat HP 30 can be easily moved around the site and quickly stowed in any vehicle.

WAGNER professional guarantee

Every WAGNER spray device comes with a three-year manufacturer's guarantee. With online registration, this is extended by a further two years to five.


For more information visit: go.wagner-group.com/pchp30

High Efficiency Airless Technology from WAGNER

High Efficiency Airless Technology from WAGNER

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