TOPFINISH Bell 1S completes liquid paint coatings

WAGNER is expanding its range of high-speed rotation atomizers with a special version for attachment to reciprocators and linear axes. All models are available with valve discs featuring 2 or 4 paint valves for rapid colour changes and a 2K mixer.

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The new TOPFINISH Bell 1S from WAGNER for automated liquid coating can be used in a wide range of industry sectors to achieve high-quality coating results. Just like the proven TOPFINISH RobotBell, the new coating applicator with adjustable shroud air streams allows great variations in the spraying pattern and can be used with various bell disc combinations. Where colour changes are needed, an additional flush valve close to the spraying head allows rapid, straightforward flushing and short colour change times — for fast cycling when workpieces are being coated with highly automated systems. 

The new TOPFINISH Bell 1S product is based on the technology of the TOPFINISH RobotBell and is WAGNER's response to the growing demand for automated applications involving a range of movement technologies. While the RobotBell is mounted onto a robot arm, the Bell 1S has been designed especially for use with reciprocators and linear axes. Thanks to its compact and lightweight construction, it can easily be attached to rigid movement systems. The Bell 1S is therefore also especially ideal for rim coating in the automotive industry.

Additional valve discs for rapid colour changes

To achieve a high degree of automation with a large throughput volume, very short colour change times are needed. WAGNER therefore uses integrated valve discs with two or four paint valves that are positioned close to the atomizer head. The short pathways minimise waste during flush and change operations and guarantee the shortest possible colour change times. The atomizer's modular structure allows these paint valves to be used both in the TOPFINISH RobobtBell and in the TOPFINISH Bell 1S.

Cost-effective 2K version for reduced material consumption

Both versions of the high-speed rotation atomizer are now optionally available with an integrated 2K mixer. The processing of two-component materials is made possible at low cost thanks to a built-in static mixer and the targeted cycling of two existing valves. Here too, the atomizer head is positioned close to the mixing element — for fast flushing and reduced material consumption during highly automated production.

Simple maintenance without special tools

WAGNER uses the same basic components for both products, such as the turbine, bell discs and flexible, exchangeable valve discs. The replacement and wear parts are also identical. The system's easy maintenance without specialist tools also saves times and reduces operating costs.

Excellent atomization for superlative surface quality

The high-speed rotation atomizers achieve an application efficiency of over 90%. Their compressed air consumption is 20% less than with comparable products. An exhaust air concept that directs exhaust air backwards optimises the coating result further. 

Bell discs for every material and workpiece

For its TOPFINISH high-speed rotation atomizers, WAGNER offers bell discs in various sizes (30, 50, 70 mm) with different serration options (smooth, straight / cross serrated). "Small parts can be coated with a 30 mm bell disc, while the 50 mm model can be used as an all-rounder. And large, flat workpieces are coated in the shortest possible time with a 70 mm disc", explains Peter Neu, Senior Product Manager at WAGNER Industrial Solutions. The bell discs are made from titanium or Consistal, a lightweight material based on aluminium which has excellent properties with abrasive materials.

Both high-speed rotation atomizers can be used with solvent-based and water-based paints. If paint remains stuck to the bell disc during the spraying process, it can be easily removed within a second using two flushing devices inside and outside the bell head. 

New CEO of Industrial Solutions at J. Wagner GmbH

New CEO of Industrial Solutions at J. Wagner GmbH