Powder and liquid coating: Layer Check LC 1000

With the Layer Check LC 1000 from WAGNER, the layer thickness of powder and liquid paint can be measured with micrometer accuracy before curing or drying - and readjusted if necessary. This ensures high quality with material and cost savings.

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Layer Check LC 1000

The patented technology of the Layer Check LC 1000 is based on thermal optics and enables seamless logging during the coating process by means of constant measurement. Non-contact and non-destructive layer thickness measurement is carried out at a distance of up to 50 cm from the workpiece. Overcoatings are prevented, resulting in material savings of up to 30% for powder and corresponding cost savings. Undercoating with too little material is avoided as well, which additionally reduces the reject rate and makes less reworking necessary. By reliably achieving the optimum layer thickness through precise measurement, the quality of the coating is increased. It is documented by means of individual measurements per component. Since the measurement can take place during the coating process and even on moving workpieces in the coating plant, production continues without interruption.

Suitable for different surfaces and complex geometries

The device can be used for almost all colours in the coating of different materials, including metal, aluminium, plastic, CFRP or MDF. The high-precision measuring device easily determines the layer thicknesses even on workpieces with crooked surfaces, on inner sides and edges and thus reliably ensures a constant coating result. Possible areas of application are metal and plastic coatings in the automotive and transport industry, white goods, MDF panels, corrosion protection or metal  construction.

"Users who apply the Layer Check LC 1000 can optimize the coating result and at the same time save up to a third on powder in powder coating, which significantly reduces production costs. This can be an important competitive advantage for customers from the manufacturing industry in globalised markets. In addition, excellent quality with regard to layer thickness and the necessary verification management is becoming increasingly important," explains Mario Oesterle, Senior Product Manager at WAGNER.

Two versions for different requirements

The layer thickness gauge is available in two versions: The standard model can be used on a mobile lift truck and is controlled via a touch screen. The robot/lift model, which can be mounted on robots and reciprocators, is integrated into a WAGNER coating system. For powder coatings, this model enables a so-called "closed loop" application in which the powder output is automatically adjusted to the required layer thickness.

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