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Solutions for focus topic "Smart Surface Technology"

From 27 to 31 May 2019, WAGNER, together with WALTHER Spritz- & Lackiersysteme GmbH, a member of the WAGNER Group, will present innovative solutions for the finishing of wood surfaces.

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In line with this year's focus topic in surface technology, components and system solutions will be shown which meet the increasing demand for digital and automated coating processes in the wood processing industry. As a system supplier, WAGNER offers the complete product range for woodworking applications, including application, mixing and control devices as well as booths, feeding, movement and recovery technology.

Our highlights

As one of the highlights WAGNER presents the new information and management platform COATIFY. Via the web-based Internet of Things platform, systems for liquid and powder coating as well as for bonding and sealing can be intelligently monitored. The platform can be accessed via PC, tablet or smartphone and enables secure access to one's own production data from anywhere. Transparency and process reliability in industrial coating can thus be increased, which in turn minimizes downtime and increases productivity.

Visitors can also find out about the wide range of manual and automated solutions in the liquid and powder sectors. Electrostatic powder coating of standard MDF boards opens up a wide range of applications for wood processing companies. Compared to traditional liquid coating, lamination or foil coating, this technology offers considerable cost and energy savings, seamless all-round coating, sustainability and immediate further processing.

In the area of liquid coating solutions, the new manual airspray gun GM 1030P will be presented, which can do more than previously available models: It provides high-quality coatings with efficient material consumption, a wide range of applications, fatigue-free handling and unrivalled low operating costs.

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Manual, flexible and cost-efficient coating as never before - with the new Airspray gun GM 1030P from WAGNER

Manual, flexible and cost-efficient coating as never before - with the new Airspray gun GM 1030P from WAGNER

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