Autumn look for your terrace

You can enjoy your terrace throughout autumn by making a cosy spot to take in the last of the warm rays of sunshine. Fresh colours and autumnal decorations help create a little oasis of well-being.

The design and colour expert Debbie gave her wooden terrace a new coat of paint with a paint spray device and then decorated using the colours of autumn. The result: a spot where she and her family can still spend many pleasant hours outdoors.


The paint has peeled – the wooden terrace looks unkempt and weathered, because sun, rain, snow, heat, cold and natural wear over time attack the wooden surfaces and make them brittle. . Moisture can penetrate the wood and soften it. 

It is high time for a new protective layer, which not only gives the wood a new shine but also makes it more resistant to the weather influences of winter.

Long-term protection:

A fresh coat of paint not only beautifies her wooden terrace, it also protects it from the effects of winter weather. If you use a spray unit as Debbie did, not only will the job be done faster, but your wood will also be protected longer. There won’t be any roller or brush hairlines where the surface is not protected and moisture and dirt can penetrating the wood. When you spray, you get an even surface and the paint is applied right down into the pores of the wood.

Debbie decided to not choose a significantly different colour. She preferred to keep the light tone and just make it look fresher. 

She especially like the easy handling of the spray unit: “After a short practice, I needed less than two hours for painting the entire terrace. And the best thing of all, with spraying, the paint also gets between the individual boards.

Good preparation is half the work: remove all dirt and vegetation before spraying - Debbie chose a pressure washer to do this - and make sure the wood is completely dry.


Autumn colours

Debbie purchased decorative pillows in autumnal red and orange for the terrace. The autumn look was complete when she added a number of pumpkin in various sizes.

That brings a colourful autumn feel to her home and to enjoy many pleasant hours outside.

W 890 FLEXiO

W 890 FLEXiO

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