Autumn roundel

Coloured leaves at this time of year entice us out for leisurely walks. Children fly kites in the sky, make little figures from chestnuts, whilst the aroma of the last fruits of summer waft from the kitchen as the treasures are lovingly preserved for winter. Preserve jars aren’t only attractive to look at when on the shelf. Crafty creative ideas using simple twist-off caps can make your home a cosy and colourful place of retreat when autumn days get shorter.

You can find lids in all kinds of shapes on used preserve jars - but if you want something a little more unique, browse your local hardware or DIY shop.

Here's how it works:

Create your own decorative lids with an autumnal look. When it comes to choosing colours, your creativity has no limits.
Here’s a couple of little tips to ensure that your shabby chic look is successful:

  • First, line the lids up on newspaper and paint them with a primer that gives a metallic effect.
  • After the primer has dried, spray the screw caps with a copper effect paint in your favourite colour.
  • To perfect the used look, you can make little highlights with a rust activator.
  • Be sure to allow the finished lids to dry completely before using them.

Traditionally we think of red, brown and orange as autumn colours. But using a fresh green or smoky light blue as an accent colour can add that something special to your creative projects.

Idea no. 1: Vintage frames

Do you have an old mirror or picture frame still stored in your attic? You can easily give it a face-lift by decorating it with lids sprayed in a vintage look. Use a spray unit to give the frame a quick fresh autumnal coat of paint too.

Idea no. 2: Pretty home preserves to gift

Fragrant biscuits, creamy pumpkin soup or fruity jams: creative jars make your tasty gift look extra special. The decorative lids also make wonderful hostess gifts.

Idea no. 3: Autumn door wreaths

It doesn’t always have to be leaves and chestnuts: a wreath of colourful lids in shabby chic style creates an unusual accent on your door or set it on your autumnal table. You can find the wreath form for gluing the sprayed lids at a hobby shop.

The wreath takes on a very special autumnal look when the lids are placed on loosely woven branches of willow, or use hot glue to attach chestnuts, leaves and dried berries.

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