WAGNER helps out in the fight against the coronavirus

+++ Technological expertise to break the chain of infection +++ Thorough, large-scale and quick surface disinfection with WAGNER spray technology +++

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To contain the coronavirus it is vital that the chain of infection is interrupted - through social distancing and meticulous hygiene. Surface technology specialist WAGNER is helping in the thorough and quick disinfection of large surfaces with spray devices which can spray disinfectants over large areas into the smallest nooks and crannies. Efficient and effective spray technology can supplement wipe disinfection, especially in facilities or public buildings, spaces and routes, as well as in workplaces and offices etc., where resources such as personnel and time are scarce.

Dr. Bruno Niemeyer, WAGNER Group CEO and J. Wagner Chairman explains: "Our goal is to use our expertise in surface spray technology to help on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus - in the disinfection of areas such as public buildings, sanitary areas and changing rooms, or in buses, trains and trams in the public transport system." In this way, WAGNER is responding to the appeal by Dr. Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), who called for immediate action to stem the spread of the pandemic. So in a very short space of time the group companies have contributed their expertise in spray technology and made available sufficient quantities of devices for machine-assisted spray disinfection.

Find out more at: www.wagner-group.com/disinfection

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