Bosch, WAGNER, Gardena and other manufacturers establish battery alliance

++ Benefit for users thanks to more flexibility in and around the home and garden ++

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Markdorf - A single type of battery that can be used flexibly for many different electrical devices from different manufacturers is now becoming a reality: an alliance of leading brands with Bosch, WAGNER and other well-known brands will in future offer a cross-manufacturer battery system for products related to the entire home: the "Power for All Alliance". This alliance is based on the 18V battery platform from Bosch. This means that in the future, one and the same 18 volt battery can be used to operate power tools, DIY equipment, gardening and cleaning devices, household appliances, products for surface coating, leisure and camping, and much more.

This will save users money, space and time when purchasing products from the alliance in the future. A pile of incompatible batteries and chargers from different brands will therefor be a thing of the past. The common goal is to offer users the largest cross-brand battery system and thus the widest application range for their home. In future, the cordless WAGNER DIY tools will share the identical battery with all battery operated tools from the green Bosch line and with those of other partners such as Gardena and Bosch Household Appliances. The batteries of the cordless tools for tradesmen will be compatilbe with the blue Bosch Professional line and professional tools of other manufacturers. All in all, WAGNER is now part of an eco-system of around 80 million batteries worldwide.

"We expect new growth potential from our participation in the world's largest 18 V battery platform for electrical appliances from Bosch," says Markus Sonnenstatter, responsible for sales of the Decorative Finishing division in Europe and Asia at WAGNER. “The addition of devices with a uniform battery to our product portfolio creates substantial added value for our customers.” Thomas Jeltsch, Chief Technology Officer Decorative Finishing adds: “We are now part of a worldwide battery system and attach great importance to this alliance. As a founding partner of the Power for All Alliance, we will roll out the battery-powerd portfolio of our sprayers and heat guns segments globally in the second half of 2021.” 

The Power-for-All Alliance offers great flexibility not only for the future. The backwards compatibility until 2007 which is important for the user is also ensured: the more than 20 million Bosch batteries for DIY and garden tools with 18 volts that are already on the market remain compatible like the corresponding chargers. Founding partner Gardena is already converting the entire 18 volt range to the alliance´s battery system for the upcoming gardening season. All other partners are either already on the market with solutions powered by Bosch batteries or are gradually expanding their product range.

In the Power for All Alliance, the companies will jointly drive forward the new flexibility for the entire home in future. The establishment of the alliance is the prelude to a partnership with strong brands in the DIY and home improvement market. Further manufacturers are already under discussion.

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