Jelena renovates!

She's quite happy to turn an entire apartment upside down. Sawing, nailing and designing are Jelena's biggest passions. That's why we knew she was exactly the right person for our "Renovation" topic. The challenge - to turn a room with boring painted walls into something completely new.

Jelena – a woman with boundless creativity, DIY skills and lots of energy! When it comes to sawing and drilling, nothing fazes her! You can see Jelena in action mostly on her YouTube channel. She also shares tips with you there on interior design and DIY. She calls herself a “DIY freak”, which means that her portfolio is regularly expanding. Want to know a little secret? She also reports on DIY fashion and sewing. She loves looking around other people's apartments and showing her followers how other people live, and what designs they have. She recounts her experiences in her “So wohnt ...” series.

Take a look and let yourself be inspired!


Renovating rooms made easy

We've all been there – the rooms in our homes all have a very specific purpose, but suddenly our situation changes and we need to rethink things. An office quickly has to become a child's bedroom, for example, the guest room has to be turned into a gym, or the storage cupboard needs to become a walk-in wardrobe. When that happens, the colours often no longer quite match the new room's purpose. So what now? We need to renovate! What's the golden rule for a large-scale renovation? Clear the room! You need space, after all, if you want to lay a new floor covering or if the walls need a new coat of paint. Take all of the furniture out of the room or push it into a corner of the room that isn't being worked on. If you've got paint work to do, it's important to cover everything that needs to be protected from paint with dust sheets.

While you're renovating, don't wear your favourite jeans either – otherwise you'll get annoyed if you damage them or get stains on them. It's better to wear comfortable, old work clothes. In our room, we already had lovely pale laminate flooring down that didn't need to be replaced, so Jelena was able to get straight on with redesigning the blue walls. To do this, she first laid a dust sheet on the floor under the wall she was going to paint.

We recommend using a dust sheet to cover the floor rather than a plastic sheet since it is less likely to slip, absorbs splashes of paint more effectively and once the work is done, it can be rolled up and re-used on the next project.

Preparation of walls

Before the painting begins, you should first take the time to prepare the walls. If there are still any nails or screws in the wall, you should remove them and then seal the holes with filler. The same goes for any gaps or cracks. Plug sockets and light switches should be removed or effectively masked for the painting process. Painting over wallpaper is not generally a problem. Whether it be woodchip or non-woven wallpaper, provided it is well bonded to the wall, changing its colour is not a problem. If the wallpaper is coming away in places, you can touch it up very easily with a little wallpaper paste.

Once the walls are prepared, you can get going with the spraying process. Jelena chose a two-colour design for the room, which is why more masking had to be done between the two walls. This achieves a straight edge and the adjoining wall is protected from spray mist. Cover sheets with a static charge that stick to the wall are ideal for this. Door and window frames, as well as skirting boards, also need to be masked.

Spray paint!

So what next? Get the device ready, put on the dust mask and safety goggles, and let's go! Jelena was working with our Control Pro 350 M. This is an airless sprayer that is ideal for experienced DIY-ers. So it's ideal if you've got big projects to complete!

  • Ensure that the paint is at room temperature; it's easier to apply when warm
  • Do not activate the gun until after you have started your movement and release the trigger before the end of the movement
  • Ensure you keep a constant distance from the wall and consistent speed
  • Overlap the stripes by about 1/3. Always spray at right-angles to the object
  • If the nozzle becomes blocked, you don't need any special tools thanks to the handy reversible tip. Simply turn the tip by 180 degrees, spray out the blockage, turn the tip back and off you go again.

    The result

    Because the spraying of the walls took so little time, Jelena also designed a few accessories in a matching yellow colour. The large wicker basket for storing toys or cushions and blankets was sprayed in no time with our W 590 FLEXiO. In just a few hours, a sparse room was transformed into a warm, cosy children's room with matching furniture that provides the perfect place to play and rest.

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    Control Pro 350 M

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