New look for a patio

A second living room, a green oasis, an openair home: the patio is the star feature in the garden. Spring and summer simply wouldn’t be half as much fun without it. The time has come to say farewell to winter and treat our outdoor space to a stylish update. Our DIY enthusiasts Julia and Ben show you how they have quickly and inexpensively transformed their patio and garden furniture.

What is it that we love so much about spring? It's all the bright colours that are suddenly blossoming around us! From lush green on the trees to a delicate yellow reflecting sunlight in crocuses, and even songbirds and butterflies creating splashes of colour in a sky that is finally blue once again. So it's only logical that all this should inspire us to treat our patio to a colourful and fresh new look. It’s time to emerge from hibernation and enjoy all the pleasures of spring!

Idea no. 1: A privacy screen as a design highlight

Ben starts with the privacy screen. Do you want to protect your privacy and yet still attract admiring glances? Not a problem! With the right paint, you can transform a privacy screen from a functional item into a novel style feature. The universal paint sprayer from Wagner's Flexio series is your ideal helper – to effortlessly spray varnish, wood stains and emulsion. DIY projects should be fun!

A little bit of spring cleaning is needed before you start spraying! Paint will adhere better and provide more effective protection on smooth, clean and sanded surfaces. So start by removing any dirt, spiders’ webs and old layers of paint first.

As soon as the screen is clean and dry, the spraying work can begin. Ben has opted for a water-based bright white paint. White is a classic choice for outdoor spaces, as it ideally reflects sunlight and the colour reminds us of dream-inspiring fluffy summer clouds. So white is summertime straight from the tin! Don't forget to cover the surrounding area before you start painting. Although the spray mist is minimal and there are no splashes as with rollers, the same rule applies both inside and out: cover everything properly.

After this, it’s time to start spraying! Always maintain a distance of one hand’s width from the surface and keep the Flexio paint sprayer moving from side to side at a consistent speed. This will ensure a smooth coverage even on decorative trims or ornaments. Which means there’s no need to go back and touch up the details!

Idea no. 2: Take a chair!

Spraying your privacy screen means a huge time saving in comparison with conventional painting with a brush, which frees up a few hours for another garden DIY idea. It’s Julia’s turn now, and she is turning her attention to her pretty but rather dull wicker chairs. These timeless garden classics lend themselves effortlessly to different styles, coordinating with Asian themes just as well as with contemporary outdoor tables.

A great idea: if you opt for white for fixed installations, such as a privacy screen, you can easily allow yourself vibrant colours for your garden furniture. Transform your surroundings with bright colours – following nature's example. So it’s time to make a start on the colour update, fill the Flexio with paint and spray a cheerful mood!

“It would have taken me for ever to paint a wicker chair using a brush and roller, and I wouldn’t have been able to get into the cracks as easily”, explained Julia. Our keen DIYer shows you just how easy it is to create a colourful new look. Julia has chosen a summery teal shade, which coordinates perfectly with the light effect of the wicker and immediately puts you in a holiday mood.

For the corner posts, adjust the nozzle to change the paint jet – and you're ready for the change of direction.

Sprayer at the ready, get set, go!

The preparatory steps for the wicker chairs are also quick and easy: Sweep with a hand-brush, if necessary wash with a little soapy water – and then leave to dry, place on a base and get started. The fine spray nozzle of the Flexio paint sprayer makes sure the paint gets into even the tiniest corners of the wickerwork. Julia is happy: “It’s really easy and it’s fun too! And the result looks great – the paint is completely evenly distributed!”

A white wooden privacy screen and teal wicker chairs, what next? A love of DIY will spur us on to the next project. Or to sit in the newly renovated chair and admire the great outdoors. That’s what spring is all about! “We are delighted that we have managed to get everything done in such a short time – and our patio looks lovely”, commented an enthusiastic Ben and Julia.

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