Painting & decorating a dining room

Upcycling for the dining room

Nature is in full bloom outside, but what about indoors? Old decor can suddenly look very dull. But we have a solution: a colourful new look for the dining room! With a Flexio paint sprayer, this complete new look can be achieved in just a few hours. And the result? Perfect. It’s great that we no longer need to choose between indoors and outdoors to enjoy sunshine, light and pastel shades...

Spring really is in the air! Suddenly, we can feel the sun's warmth on our skin again, our clothing is lighter and we want to get out of the house. We need to make sure our garden and balcony are ready! What then? Many people experience ‘indoor blues’, as the colourful, vibrant scenes outside suddenly make everything else look much duller! But don’t worry, help is at hand – paint.

Idea no. 1: A wall of colour!

We are treating the white walls to a great burst of spring freshness – with subtle shades and a couple of stripes. We are spraying the bottom of the wall in a matt light blue, while keeping the top third white. Two stripes in a warm vanilla shade at the intersection complete the fresh new look. Result: a stark, functional wall has been transformed into a cheerful, light and very stylish feature.

For the striped effect, start with the base colour used for the bottom section of the wall. Leave it to dry and then use masking tape and a spirit level to mark out the stripes. Spray the base colour for the bottom section of the wall again here to seal the masked area. This will stop the new paint colour from seeping under the masking tape later. Leave to dry completely. You can then spray on the contrasting colour: for a perfect result.

When masking windows, start from the top and work down. Electrostatic film with integrated adhesive tape makes this task very simple. The electrostatic charge of the film helps to ensure it adheres to the window. When you have finished working, reverse the sequence and remove the masking tape starting from the bottom towards the top – a few quick movements and you're finished!

Idea no. 2: Upcycling for old furniture

A wall is, of course, just one feature that can be given a new look with paint. The effect now makes the natural wood furniture look a bit boring, so it too needs a quick update. We have chosen white varnish and a light pink shade. Rather than working on the furniture in the room, we will take it to the workshop. You can also use the garden, a shed or patio for this. If you prefer to get started directly in the room, that’s fine too. Just be careful: spread dust sheets over the floor and cover all items and furniture in the room to prevent them coming into contact with the fine spray mist. If you decide to work outside: it needs to be dry, otherwise the varnish will not adhere.

To achieve the best results when spraying varnish, keep a distance of approximately one hand's width to the surface and work parallel to the object using even movements.

How do you turn an old item into something brand new and beautiful? Preparation is key! Start by sanding and removing the resulting dust from wooden furniture, in particular if it is already painted. Then pour the paint into the spray attachment and start spraying. Light pink, white, vanilla or light blue reflect natural spring and summer colours and are currently on trend. They are ideal for spreading a cheerful mood in your home.

Freshly sprayed paint, please don’t sit down! While waiting for the furniture and wall to dry, there is plenty of time to brew some coffee and then invite friends over to admire your freshly painted surroundings.

As well as wall paints, Wagner’s Flexio paint sprayer can be used with varnishes and glazes for wood and metal surfaces. Simply select the appropriate attachment and start working!

Did you know?

To complete the look, follow our example and arrange some coordinating flowers. Pink, white, green and light blue also create a harmonious effect in the vase – and will add the perfect finishing touch to the colourful effect.

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W 590 FLEXiO

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