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Care, protection & colour accents for outdoors


Outdoor furniture is exposed to many adverse influences: rain showers, humidity, blazing sunshine, temperature fluctuations – no wonder it eventually fades and starts to crack. To prevent this weathering, you should regularly apply a protective layer of paint or varnish.


Garden furniture and children's play equipment are often made from untreated wood. A protective coating helps to preserve this beautiful and valuable natural material for the long term.

Colour accents

Metal objects or furniture are often uncoated or painted in a colour that does not match the rest of the exterior design. Spray units are ideal for painting metal with a streak-free finish.


A wooden decking should be regularly maintained with a protective oil or weatherproof varnish. Besides keeping it looking beautiful, the surface also feels more comfortable when you walk on it barefoot. The risk of painful splinters is also reduced!

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