Vases with a snow effect

Wintry decorations in pure white can be perfectly integrated into your home decorating concept. Why not take empty bottles and turn them into enchanting wintry vases? Before starting your project, be sure to cover your work area with newspaper or plastic and then have all your materials ready at hand.

  • WAGNER sprayer, e.g. Studio Home Decor Sprayer
  • Stick for holding the bottles steady
  • Paper and cardboard for spray protection
  • Old glass bottles
  • Craft glue or spray adhesive
  • Very coarse salt
  • Acrylic paint (white gloss)

With an old cardboard box, you can make your own small 'spray cabinet' so you have the perfect place to do your crafts indoors as well.

Step by step instructions

Step 1 of 4: Preparing the material

Preparing the material

Remove the labels from the bottles. The easiest way to do this is first soak them in warm water with some washing up liquid. Generously pour coarse salt onto the work surface

Step 2 of 4: Preparing the bottle

Preparing the bottle

Spread craft glue or spray adhesive onto the surface of the clean bottles.

Step 3 of 4: Preparing the snow effect

Preparing the snow effect

Roll the bottles in the coarse salt and let the glue and salt dry.

Step 4 of 4: Spraying the bottle

Spraying the bottle

Spray the bottles with white paint and watch the wonderful snow effect emerge. The WAGNER Studio Sprayer is perfectly suited for such delicate projects. Fill the container with paint and stir well. To stabilise the bottles, use a thin wooden stick or similar to hold them steady during the spray painting step. Allow the painted bottles to completely dry.

Small bottles, or the necks of bottles, can be best painted using the detailed jet. Simply set the nozzle diagonally.

The result

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WAGNER product finder

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