Vintage dining room with Susanne from DekoideenReich

Creative interior design in Ombré look with individual accessories

Ombré. Originating in the fashion and styling industry, this cool effect has long since found its way into our homes. It is used for the stylish presentation of curtains, lamps, furniture and accessories. And colourful accents can be easily added without them appearing overpowering.So why not also apply this great shading pattern to the walls? Susanne from DekoideenReich had the same thought. As a beginner, there's no need to be worried about doing this - Susanne also created a colour gradient for the very first time. And the results have to be seen!

A love for the sea, the fresh breeze from the North Sea and the unique nature around them have turned these two Schleswig-Holstein-born individuals into passionate North Friesians. Their passion for DIY and creativity, on the other hand, have turned them into DIY professionals! They've managed to do what many people can only dream of: turn their hobby into a career. As a married couple and work colleagues, the two are part of “Saris Garage”, creating furniture and home accessories that are made primarily from Euro pallets with passion and an incredible eye for detail. They explain their methods with a variety of tips and tricks through DIY tutorials and publish them on various channels. And the great thing is, you can also buy their furniture in their shop.



The DIY expert opted for the trendy colour Spa from SCHÖNER WOHNEN-Farbe. That is a pastel green tone. The colour gradient can, of course, be produced in any colour, entirely to suit your taste. All that matters is that you work from dark to light. It visually stretches out the room. Mint, turquoise, pink and other pastel colours are also especially suitable. These can be brilliantly combined with each other, and this pale, fresh look is rounded off with white. You can achieve soft transitions without hard edges or stripes particularly easily with a paint spray system (e.g. W 590 FLEXiO). Where brushes and rollers meet their limits, the paint spray system applies an effective result to the wall. For a particularly flowing transition, Susanne has mixed 10 different nuances of her mint shade.

If you don’t want to mix your own paints, you can also buy ready-mixed colour tones, which are available in the DIY store on paint cards.

To create the colour gradient, Susanne works the wall from top to bottom. She begins with the palest colour tone and lets this fade to white at the top. To do this, she simply has to increase the distance between the wall and paint spray system slightly at the top. This produces a blending effect through the reduced covering capacity. After about 5 minutes, you should apply the next darker tone to the still damp paint. Increase the distance from the wall again slightly in the transitional areas. As you work further down the wall, reduce the distance and continue spraying with greater coverage. Repeat this process until you have sprayed all of the tones onto the wall.

A practical aid for everyone who wants to aim high – a handle extension often makes it possible to do without a ladder when spraying ceilings or tall walls.

While the wall is drying, Susanne designs a few more pieces of furniture and decorations to match the colour gradient. A flower ladder is quickly repainted and combined with small, woven baskets to create a practical and decorative piece of furniture with storage space.

The old wooden chairs also get a new coat of paint and are sprayed in white and grey to match the rest of the room. The chest of drawers that Susanne wants to refurbish is already painted white but has its best days behind it. After a quick sanding, the coat of paint can be renewed. Various knobs for vintage chests of drawers give the piece of furniture an individual touch and wonderfully pick out the colours of the wall and decoration.

The DIY expert designs these individual pictures with a few, practised flicks of the wrist. To this end, she simply sprays the surfaces of the original pictures and then decorates them with a rough cord. In no time at all, she has created her own little works of art that go perfectly with the room’s design.

The result

In just one day, this creates a wonderful room with a harmonious colour concept, an atmospheric ombré look on the wall and matching individual accessories. Why not try it for yourself?

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