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WAGNER partner celebrates 60-year anniversary

Jahnke GmbH, WAGNER's dealer and specialist in systems engineering, is celebrating 60 years of working with the WAGNER Group

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Location of the WAGNER dealer Jahnke GmbH in Putzbrunn - entrance area

Location of the WAGNER dealer Jahnke GmbH in Putzbrunn - factory premises

The WAGNER dealer Jahnke GmbH has been a partner to J. Wagner GmbH for 60 years, and marked this impressive anniversary in the autumn by launching the company's own "Airless Academy" training programme. "We started out many decades ago, and we've been able to maintain our position on the market right up to the present day. This success is based on advanced expertise and many years of outstanding cooperation with WAGNER", says Jahnke's Managing Director, Thomas Hönig. The company is one of the coating specialist's few retail partners to cover both WAGNER's trade and industrial clients in the coating technology sector.

In the decorative finishing sector, Jahnke specialises in the distribution, servicing and maintenance of WAGNER products for carpentry and painting companies. For industrial clients, the company independently manages projects for liquid paint and special coatings with investment volumes of up to EUR 250,000. Major projects, such as in the automotive industry, are implemented jointly with WAGNER. The company, based in Putzbrunn, operates in Bavaria and currently looks after around 4,000 active clients.

Promoting new talent and a new location to mark the anniversary year

The 60-year partnership with WAGNER is being celebrated at Jahnke GmbH with the launch of the company's own "Airless Academy". Since this autumn, the academy has been offering practical training courses relating to paint spraying technology and WAGNER products. The courses are targeted especially at young painters who want to learn more about innovative machine technologies. On the 1st of May this year, Jahnke GmbH moved to Rathausstrasse 13 in Putzbrunn, near Munich. The new location provides the expanding company with more space for its service workshop, as well as an extensive hall for building painting systems for its industrial clients. It also offers modern offices and spacious storage capacities.

Collaboration with WAGNER founded on personal friendship

The successful cooperation between WAGNER and Jahnke GmbH began with the close friendship between the two companies' founders: Walter Jahnke started selling WAGNER products in 1957, at Josef Wagner's request. The company was expanded from the 1970s onwards under the direction of his son and successor, Michael Jahnke.

In the 1990s, the company again focused on WAGNER products. The company also specialised in customer-specific systems in the painting technology sector. To date, Jahnke has amassed significant expertise in this field. The company listens to customers' wishes and contributes this knowledge of the market to the product development process at WAGNER. In return, the WAGNER dealer of many years' standing benefits from the coating specialists' innovative strength.

Together to a successful future

Jahnke GmbH is continuing its close collaboration with WAGNER as it continues its journey forward: "We regard the German market as being at the vanguard of new application techniques and solutions. Also being part of this market with WAGNER in the future is our vision for the next few decades", says Hönig, adding: "In recent decades, we have always been able to rely on the ingenuity and quality of WAGNER products."

The Managing Director of Jahnke GmbH is also trusting in the industry partner's innovativeness as it moves forward into the future. "The system components from WAGNER and our knowledge of the market mean we are perfectly positioned to create innovative, novel complete solutions for industrial clients in the SME sector", says Hönig.

Greater process stability with WAGNER S-Cube CleanAssist

Greater process stability with WAGNER S-Cube CleanAssist

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