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PILOT GA 9010 Marking for sharp-edged markings

The new spray gun for spot and line marking allows sharp-edged markings to be made in OK/NOK parts marking, in alphanumeric labelling and in food processing - with a smooth and seamless production process.

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PILOT GA 9010 Marking & GA 9010 Marking Membran

Whether it be for marking rejects, weld seam tests on pipes and panels, labelling of different identicallooking component types, markings that can be read by machine following leak tests or production line identification (e.g. of cutting and bending lines): lots of companies depend on accurate spot and line markings. So Walther Pilot, a WAGNER Group company, has now released the PILOT GA 9010 Marking. It is lighter and more compact than previous models and delivers a reliable operation even with longer stand times. In addition, it can be used for markings between 2.5 mm and 25 mm. Thanks to a shorter switching time between opening, spraying and closing the fully automatic spray gun is ideal for production processes with short cycle times. This gun is also suitable for the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Handy, lightweight signwriting gun

The new spray gun has a length of 128 mm, 30 per cent shorter and 20 per cent lighter than the previous model, the PILOT Signier, which means that multiple models can be integrated easily into a single system. The PILOT GA 9010 Marking is available as part of complete coating systems, e.g. comprising a gun, material pressure tank and control unit, and is expanded according to the application, for example with three/two-way valves. The spray gun is also available as part of complete coating systems from the WAGNER Group. Special flushing devices allow for consistently sharp, or if required point-accurate markings of the type that are important in adhesive processing, including with quick-drying inks. The robust and high-quality construction, on the other hand, safeguards smooth production processes in even the most difficult conditions. PILOT GA 9010 Marking 2/2 J. Wagner GmbH a Member of WAGNER GROUP Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 18 88677 Markdorf Postfach 1120 88669 Markdorf Germany www.wagner-group.com To allow the processing of abrasive or moisturehardening materials as well as quick-drying inks, Walther Pilot has a variation of this product in its portfolio: the robust, fully automatic PILOT GA 9010 Marking Membrane has a membrane instead of a needle seal.

One signwriting gun for many applications

While Walther Pilot has so far offered three spray guns and a complete system for line and spot marking, one gun now reliably covers the entire broad bandwidth of possible applications. Markings on cog wheels, for example, help make assembly error-free. In steel production, thanks to the use of signwriting guns working in parallel, batch numbers can be written onto steel coils that are still decipherable even from a great height. In sawmills, on the other hand, the absorbent surface of tree trunks is marked for further processing - but the PILOT GA 9010 Marking can also mark smooth, non-absorbent surfaces such as ceramic or metal catalytic converters as required for precision installation in engines. The spray gun is also ideal for applications such as machine-readable line markings on pipes and profiles, or the colour marking of currency notes that are to be destroyed.

Special signwriting inks prevent blockages of the nozzle

During spot and line marking with the GA 9010 Marking spray gun, signing inks are used which are ground to a high quality meaning these inks are less prone to blocking the nozzle than conventional coating materials. The inks are marketed by Walther Pilot and are available in all popular colours. Special colours are available on request. The signwriting inks can be used on wet, hot (up to 800°C), smooth, porous or even greasy surfaces. This means that they are perfect for marking on panels, pipes, plastics, textiles, glass not to mention also wood, paper, ceramic or rubber. They are quick-drying, provide good coverage, oil-resistant, light-fast and waterproof.

WAGNER partner celebrates 60-year anniversary

WAGNER partner celebrates 60-year anniversary

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