One chair like new again and again

Summer is almost here and the garden is beckoning us to be outside as much as possible. All that needs to happen for relaxation is to haul the terrace furniture up out of the basement or from the shed and - ? But what if the paint is peeling from the wood furniture or the untreated wood is weathered and grey? That definitely does not create a holiday mood in the garden on or the balcony.

We show you how to easily and very quickly transform an old chair into a real one of a kind. There are no limits to your imagination. Here are two very different looks for those who want a bit of inspiration.

Idea no. 1: Romantic beach feeling

Relaxing outside in the open, enjoying the fresh air and beauty of nature is a very romantic idea. Why not take this idea and beautify a boring wooden chair? The romantic style is reminiscent of a beach basket that has been lightly weathered by the sand and salty air. Here is a place to dream of summer, the sea and the many associated beautiful memories. Vintage furniture in a used look which totally in style now. They are set off perfectly in a modern environment. Every crack and every scratch tells its own story. Authentic antiques are often very expensive. Doing it yourself is a real alternative.

And it’s so simple to achieve this style:

If there is still some paint left on the chair, sand it thoroughly and then wipe the dust off with a cloth. Prime the chair grey first using a spray system and allow it to dry thoroughly. Then, create the used look using a chalk paint colour. Carefully dot the paint onto the wood using a cloth, so that an irregular pattern is created. Allow it to dry well and then enjoy your self-made holiday feel chair. 

Adding accessories such as pillows or rugs with a floral pattern makes the look fuller and adds ambience.

Idea no. 2: Modern striped look

The chair in a colourful stripe looks completely different.

It looks fresh and the graphic element is a real eye-catcher. The vertical slats on the chair are perfect for the striped look. Choose your favourite colours, for example, white and green are perfect summer hues. Prime the chair in white paint and let it dry throughly. Then, simply tape or cover all places that should not be painted with the other colour. Spray the rest of the slats with the second colour. If you want, you can paint the armrests and the chair legs yet another colour. When everything is thoroughly dried, remove the masking tape. Using a colourful stripe creates a lively contrast and an exceptional design. It’s an easy way to make a simple chair into a real eye-catcher. 

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