A little surprise

Baby shoes and cakes: Baby showers are a trend from the USA that have become common here. Friends of the soon-to-be mother are invited to bring gifts and play all kinds of games about babies.

When the stork appears with increasing frequency among a circle of friends, baby showers can start to get tiresome. As an alternative, Linda had the idea to organise a refurbishment day for her pregnant friend Anna who wanted to make the guest room into a nursery. Linda called her closest friends together to give the bare room a make-over and turn it into an enchanting nursery. The renovation was planned for the morning, the unveiling for Anna in the afternoon followed by a small party.

The new design of the room was a surprise for Anna”, explained Linda. “But the basic design, colour selection and patterns we used were not. We talked a lot to her to find out how she imagined the room would look. She also set up an online pin board where she collected pictures, colours and patterns that she liked. We looked at that to figure out the look that she wanted for her nursery”.

Stencils can be used to personalise walls and childrens furniture. They can be purchased in any craft shop or are easy to make at home. Lovely children's stencils can be easily added to walls.

Attention, ready, spray!

Anna loves the colour yellow which is why she chose honey bees as the theme for her nursery. To give the room a pleasant charm, Linda and her friends organised old furniture from Anna’s family and gave them a new coat of paint. That is also very much in keeping with the upcycling trend of making old objects into a one of a kind.

The walls also desperately needed a new, warm colour. What could be better than a blissful sunshine yellow? 

Stencils and painter’s tape make it really easy to create a new effect in no time. Cut your pattern out of foil and simply stick it to the wall with stencil glue. Then spray. Remove the stencil before the paint completely dries so that the edges stay looking sharp.

Little wooden flower ornaments from a DIY store were added to the side of the cupboard with pins and can also be used as stencils for the vintage cupboard. With adhesive tape, they look like flower stems after spray painting.

“This painting project is so easy”, said Linda. “And it was a lot of fun to do it together with friends. We took turns spraying the walls and the furniture”.

Busy bees

Before starting with the painting, the friends thor - oughly washed the furniture. Cover the floor and objects that should not be painted using old sheets. They painted everything in one colour to create a fresh, modern scene for pillows, fabrics and furniture. Time for the surprise!

Accessories such as rugs, pillows or stuffed animals in the same colour palette makes the nursery even more cosy and inviting.

The old cot with new paint and all furnished is ready to use and creates a focus for the room. A summary of the day? An afternoon full of fun, an unforgettable good time and a brilliant little surprise for the soon-to-be mum.

Yellow enlivens and radiates inspiration, embodies hope and light.

The result:

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