Wood protection in the outside area

with DIY power couple Sari and Christian from Saris Garage

Outside wooden garden furniture needs regular maintenance, so that you can benefit from it for a long time. Applying paint with a sprayer allows wood protection to be applied very easily and in no time. Our do-it-yourself experts Sari and Christian from the blog Saris Garage show us how. Absolutely on trend: Holidays in your own garden or on the balcony! This is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the CO2 balance. It‘s sustainable and still fun! Discovering your own environment can be just as exciting as a long distance journey. Check it out!

The nice thing about holidays is the change of scenery - but you can also do that at home! To ensure that your home radiates the necessary holiday atmosphere, Sari and Christian show you how to give new splendour to your outside area. With a harmonious planting, blooming flowers and fresh colours the furniture turns every home garden into a holiday paradise! Using natural wood really helps - it has a warm and cosy effect, is incredibly individual and beautiful to look at. But it also needs a lot of care so that it stays beautiful for a long time - because of weather influences, such as withstanding the rain, sun and frost. Even insects or fungi can damage the furniture in your outside area. There is only one thing that helps protect wood, a coat of paint. Whether you use wood paint, varnish or special wood preservatives, it depends on the type of wood and what your goal is for coating it. For furniture, it is often advisable to apply a paint, it not only protects the wood from the influences of weather, but also makes it more durable. Seating in particular is often in need of protection. In addition, the painted coating can visually increase the appeal. There is only one thing to consider: paint is completely opaque, this means that the natural grain of the wood is lost. Stain or varnishes on the other hand adds protection but is transparent and maintains the natural appearance of the wood. It is particularly suitable for fences or privacy screens, but also windows and doors. All other important information about the different materials and their characteristics can be found on our advice page.

Now you can renovate wooden furniture and newly acquired wooden objects, such as a privacy screen with paint to protect them for years to come, Sari and Christian show you how in their own garden.

Repainting old wooden items

Sari and Christian have a comfortable bench – once paint in a pale blue, reminiscent of the blue sky on a beautiful summer‘s day, the coating is now showing heavy traces of wear and tear due to the weather influences such as sun and rain. New paint is urgently needed here! Since the seat is still surrounded with a decorative trellis, the Blogger thought for a long time before starting this task – too many corners, edges and struts that have to be painted – that takes forever! But not with a paint sprayer! With it you can reach every surface no matter how inaccessible.

Christian has set up a small spraying area outside. Sheets and old cardboard boxes protect the surroundings from any spray mist. Always make sure that during spraying that there is no wind. First sand the surfaces a little and then remove dust and dirt. Then pour the paint into the container for wood and metal paints and then off you go. With the Universal Sprayer W 590 FLEXiO Christian sprays at an even distance from the Bench with white paint – don‘t forget your dust mask! In just 5 minutes the garden bench will have a completely different look and be like new again.

Protecting new wooden fences

It is also worthwhile for newly acquired wooden items to begin maintenance and care promptly. Saree and Christian also wanted their privacy screen to be part of the rest the colour scheme and fit in the with the garden. So they have chosen a very dark anthracite.

If you want to coat not just one, but perhaps several privacy screens or have a very long, high fence it is even quicker with an airless paint sprayer. Time saving: at least 10 times faster than with a brush and roller!

A privacy screen is also a challenge to paint because of its structure - with the Control 150 M Christian can easily reach the entire surface. So in just a few steps he has a perfectly covering surface.

Tip: If you already have an HVLP paint sprayer at home, you can of course also use it coat the wooden furniture. You need only a little longer, than when using an airless sprayer.

With the right colour, the privacy screens is transformed from functional furniture to a fresh style element.

Control 150 M

Control 150 M

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