Painting and decorating a bedroom

Creative cloud effect with star interior designer Eva Brenner – a truly heavenly look.

Clouds like those spotted in the autumn sun: A cloud paint effect perfect to entice you to beautiful dreams in the bedroom. TV interior designer Eva Brenner knows how to create the look on the wall in a few steps. It’s quite easy – with a FLEXiO paint sprayer from Wagner. Sleep like you’re out under the open sky: what a dream!

The expert interior designer shows you how: Within a few hours, she conjures up a light and hip cloudy look on the wall behind the bed’s headboard with three different shades. The result: A cosy atmosphere that lets us dream. It only works with a paint sprayer!


Eva Brenner first tapes off the areas that are not to be sprayed. And she has three paints ready: a dark, a medium and lighter shade. This creates a depth effect – thanks to the muted earth tones in a warm, natural temperature. But the technique can also be used in other colours. Important: Always work from dark (lowermost layer) to light.

Tip: You should first check how well the wall's subsurface adheres. To do this, press a piece of adhesive tape on firmly and then tear it off. If there is any residue on the strip of tape, you must treat the surface with a undercoat before applying the main paint. The same applies if residue remains on your hand when you rub it over the surface.

The sky so close – spraying the cloud look

After this, it’s time to start spraying. It takes two factors to achieve the trendy cloud look: First the three different colour gradations. And second the spraying technique. When spraying, Eva Brenner does not maintain a constant distance to the wall as is normal, but rather she varies it: Sometimes closer, sometimes further away with the spray jet. This deepens the spatial effect! Because the closer you are to the wall, the more opaque the application is. The greater the distance, the finer the transition becomes.


Eva’s tip: Do not allow the first paint layer to dry completely. Instead, start with colour two, the middle tone, just five minutes after application and spray it onto the still damp paint. Proceed the same way with the third colour – this makes the transitions particularly soft. With the first and second colours, you are completely free as to where you then spray – Eva sprays the paint in irregular shapes, but with even coverage on the wall, because: the more evenly the areas are covered, the more harmonious the result.

Since you work with at least 3 shades with the cloud effect, you can either clean the enclosed spraying attachment between the individual colours or, like Eva, get two additional spray attachments for the wall paints. This way you can have the three paint shades ready in the spray attachments before starting the painting work. With two clicks – once off, once on – the exchange is made and the next paint can be applied without delay.

The highlights

It's time for the lightest colour at the end. It creates the highlights. If you are not satisfied with the colour distribution at the end: No problem! Simply spray over with the lighter or darker paint colour.

The result

Eva Brenner is excited about her work: “I hope you like the result as much as I do. With the FLEXiO, normal decorating work turns into pure spraying fun”! The expert decorates the bedroom with natural-looking wood furniture and earth tones, which pick up on the cloud colours. Welcome to the realm of feathery dreams and warm cosiness!

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